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by Knablinz&Habit

Kickin it 01:59
kick back relax as my boy plays the sax 
smoke a sack crack a beer dread your hair 
have no fear habits here rabbit ears help you hear 
your in the clear but be prepared 
the deamon stared he's right there 
perfect atmosphere so we dont care 
we hold him near remove all you wear 
groove shake your deariair dont shed a tear 
we almost there angels will apear as the sky tear 
it rips away they came to stay 
no fear today ill show you the way 
no toll to pay new role you play 
all is one we keep you spun from moon to sun 
never done havin fun no more gun 
no more blood eternal rest no more death were blessed 
this is the otherside of your mind 
where habit reside i control the tide 
i control this ride every soul is mine 
is it a crime to be so devine straight spine 
mushroom wine an dine so fine saxaphone blows my mind 
it makes me rhyme i take my time 
drink my sass with lime lick snail slime 
climb the highest heights ill be alright 
after tonight when i plumet beyond the sumit 
if i cant sing ill humit get dumb quick 
an dump it to sumit up 
im dumb enough to call my bluff 
not rough or tough i eat trippy stuff 
theres never enough slipp out the hand cuff 
eat singmuf at night fall hear the mother call 
you back to the garden hear me brother we must fuse 
archaic an modern to receive our pardon 
ive already started ate it an farted 
till reality parted come back to the garden
divinity 00:48
you cant hide from whats inside 
ill take you on a wild ride threw your mind 
take what you find leave nothin behind 
open all eyes, dont leave the third blind 
let kundalini rise threw your spine 
as your chakras align let your soul shine 
realize your devine never hide from whats in side 
i confide in the the most high astral project 
i fly threw the sky to connect with celestial beings 
they show me all things future past an present 
omnipotent omnipresent the fist essence 
the star 7 and a cresent 
my eternal lesson jah will have you stression 
if dont bring allah your confession 
their claim to fame is there one in the same 
as above so below 
you came to see 
what i had to show now you must go 
hope you enjoyed my flow
Gimme dat 02:23


2 minds = 1 sound this music is all made live in a kitchen using an assortment of synths, pads, drugs, an instruments including but not limited to: korg sv1, korg micro sampler, kaoss pad, sax, blue snowball microphone, gemini turntables, sp-404, yamaha mg 12/4, MPC5000, & your mother.... enjoy!


released November 4, 2013

YEA BOI !!!!!!




G.O.A.T. Beetz Portland, Oregon

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